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The End… Virtually

Take my broken heart

Take my broken heart

When it comes to making and ending love, I like it the old-fashioned way. Today’s technology however is changing the way we connect

Or disconnect.

Within seconds, a heart is broken with a click of a mouse, a text message or a Facebook status change.

Despite the many gadgets that allow us to communicate whenever wherever, we’ve forgotten how to connect. We cut ties just as quickly as we make them, albeit superficially, in this highly connected world.


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Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office.

Nice girls don't get the corner office

Nice girls don't get the corner office

I worked my butt off these last few years climbing the corporate ladder and found that one doesn’t get anywhere by being “nice”.   Especially if you work alongside the male counterpart.

I did. For a very long time.

The only chick in a sizable team, I was initially taken aback by the boisterous, aggressive and seemingly belligerent behaviours displayed by my male colleagues in the boardroom. In my first of many boardroom meetings, I would sit there without a word or movement in my new pink suit that nicely framed my perky bosom, as if someone’s cut off my tongue and immobilised my petite frame. Continued…

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How To Get Over Him Quickly.

How to get over him quickly

How to get over him quickly

Let me make one thing clear: this has nothing to do with love (or Jimmy  Choo shoes).

I’m no expert. The very word makes me nauseous and sets my body to a defensive mode. But I have had my heart broken once or

twice. Badly. By some pathetic loser who, in my blissful juvenile ignorance, contained my whole world: my oxygen, my insides, my reason for being without whom I’d wither and die to nothingness bla bla.

Somebody should have whacked me across the head with a Dr. Phil self-help bestseller in hard cover – it may have been enough to cause selective amnesia. But no, I have had to endure many, many self-inflicted humiliations the magnitude of which almost surpasses George W. Bush’s abundant stream of faux pas, which I suspect include nuking someone’s ticker.

With no access to a warhead, however, to deploy my heart’s retribution, I resorted to good old fashioned emotional meltdown that rivalled Chernobyl. Not only have I said and done it all in the name of witless love – things I loathe to enumerate lest the wrath of Virginia Woolf strikes me dead –  I have listened excruciatingly to my girlfriends and their hearts’ lament on losing Mr. Loser, er… Mr. Right. And the twisted plot to get him back.


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The Great Aussie Man Drought

The Great Aussie Man Drought

The Great Aussie Man Drought

Bernard Salt has a lot to answer for.  He has been spreading rumours that have scared the wits out of 30-something single gals.  In 2005, Salt proclaimed a Great Aussie Man Drought. This man famine would have smart, successful, single women in the prime of their lives fight for whatever scraps of single men remain. According to Salt’s distressing stats, by the time a woman has the means to strut a pair of Jimmy Choos without maxing out her credit, all hopes of finding the elusive Mr. Right are blown away like long, messy hair on a windy day. Only this time, recovery takes more than a visit to the salon.

By Salt’s calculations (he’s a KPMG bean counter), if you take all the 30-something women in Australia and subtract the men of the same age, you’re left with a disastrous oversupply of 20,000 partnerless femmes condemned for singledom. And ladies, Salt would have us know the 40s and 50s don’t get any better.  Continued…

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The Day My Lover Went POOF!

William R. Holmes, as a Magician
Image by Wisconsin Historical Images via Flickr

I’ve always enjoyed watching magic tricks. And vanishing acts are my personal favourite.  Making something disappear into thin air in front of watchful eyes is quite an incredible feat. It defies all scientific laws we know of. And what thrilling entertainment it makes.

Everybody loves a bit of magic. But when a lover turns magician and suddenly goes ‘POOF’ before one can say abracadabra,  it doesn’t feel magical at all.

I was seeing Mr Diavolo (aka Mr Tradie)  just over two months when he suddenly vanished into thin air.

Now, he’s there. Now he’s not. POOF! Continued…

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Tradies, iPhones and Sex.

Image by Dunechaser via Flickr

It looked right. It smelt fine. It felt good. It tasted sweet. It sounded promising. Even the snoring didn’t bother me. But once again, I spoke too soon.

The day I accidentally locked myself out of my house (I left my keys inside), a small but significant event, brought harsh realities to the fore: I am alone.

My tradie in shining armour – the one who looked right, smelt fine, felt good, tasted sweet and sounded promising, wasn’t coming to rescue this locked-out damsel in distress.

I texted him an SOS.

The response? Silence. Dead silence.


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My Lover, My Friend.

Lovers Lane - Day 104 of Project 365
Image by purplemattfish via Flickr

“Friends are friends, pals are pals and buddies sleep together.”

An unknown person, perhaps of questionable moral standards to the hypocrites and closet-kittens within and among us, proliferated this old adage. And we’re not talking about an alcohol-induced momentary lapse of concentration.

Oh no! We’re talking about a booty call – a friends-with-benefits arrangement.  An agreement between friends to have sex when nature calls without the drama of a high maintenance love relationship.

Perhaps it is to fill a dateless Friday night, halt the onset of insomnia at midnight or console oneself from a break-up, unrequited love, or a fruitless serial dating stint.

Or maybe it is simply to scratch an itch. Continued…

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Technology, Sex And The Big Break Up.

One of my favourite Sex And The City episodes is when Carrie discovers she’d been dumped by her writer-boyfriend Burger on a post-it note – the morning after he apologised for being a tool, carnation in hand, and stayed over for make-up sex. Leading up to that fateful post-it morning, their relationship was under pressure. He couldn’t handle her success so he took it out on a post-it note.

And just the other day, I listened to Angela Bofill plead “break it to me gently, at least leave me with my pride.” It played on the radio.

It got me thinking. Should the way we deal the break-up card reflect the love, affection and respect we once had for our once-beloved? Continued…

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How do you like your eggs?

Pregnant Woman
Image by Jerome Ware via Flickr

(Article as featured in MX)

“How do you like your eggs? Fried? Poached? Scrambled?”

“Sorry. Fertile is not on the breakfast menu.”

My friend, Mary, is feeling clucky. So is my next door neighbour. The women at work. My high school friends. Even the cat next door. In fact, most women I know are starting to feel, or rather hear, the unmistakable sound of their biological clocks ticking as loud as the deafening sound of Krakatoa. It seems the rest of Australia and the world’s not-old-not-young Gen-Xers in high heels (and trainers) are popping out Gen-Z left, right and centre. And the rest who aren’t popping are clucky. Continued…

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